Thursday, June 4, 2009

Verse: How I Will Go

First I'll confess
my secrets to the sky
then commend my dreams
to the river wide
I'll bequeath my love
incomplete, to you
ever fair and faithful
if not always true
lock my words in a box
with some shirts
I used to wear
sweep up all my regrets
and set them in
the trash by the backstairs
my smiles, I will keep
in a jar filled with sweets
and my lies will be
cut up for rags
and the promises I made
but could not keep
will be flown at half-mast
like flags
my memories, actual
and embellished
I will donate to an
unnamed charity
the tears I cried
the fears that held
me fast inside
I will cast
like stones in the sea
and if I do not pixelate
I'll fashion a blanket
of snow
I'll kiss your lips
and cover up my head
and that is how I will go.

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