Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Worthy Award - Banner achievement in Banner ads

So many banner ads, so little reason to click through. So when you hear that one actually earned a Cannes Lion , you can't help but be curious.

So I'm pleased to say that this Pringles ad is not only Canne worthy, it's Words Worthy. It looks like just another dumb banner (a fact it eventually concedes), until you do its bidding and start clicking. Once you start clicking, you're compelled to work your way to the end, much like your favorite Pringles Flavor. Well, maybe you haven't. Man, I'm so embarrassed.

It's entertaining and, occasionally, absurd, making hay of other banner ads for their execution and results. But most important of all, it's delightfully fun. And much like the Pringles canister, you will eventually reach the end if you do click long enough. So congratulations Bridge Worldwide . You're not only Cannes worthy, you're Words Worthy. I know, I know, it's a big deal for you. Too bad I don't have any awards. I might could buy you a can of Pringles and bronze it...

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