Friday, June 12, 2009

Song of the Day - June 12, 2009, with a bonus

Okay, I didn't put up a Summer Song of the Day here yesterday, so I'm going to do a two-for-one.

The song I intended to put up here yesterday was Fleetwood Mac's Albatross. Perfect music for millionaires with mansions and yachts. Some of you will notice the absence of Stevie, Lindsey and Christine. Some of you will know that the Mac has had quite the revolving door of members over the years. The only constants being the rhythm section for which the band was kind of named (It's McVie, not MacVie, after all). Fascinating stories surround the tale of the three guitarists who were in the band in the late 60s/early 70s Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer and Danny Kirwin, all of whom were gone by the early 70s due to religious, health and/or drug related issues. I remember playing their early music in a second hand store quite a lot back in the day and no one believed that the Chicago-influenced blues boogie emanating from the speakers in ale-brown tones was made under the name Fleetwood Mac.

The song for today is War's Summer. Apart from a few unfortunate references to the 1970s - the CB Radios - the song has aged well, like, say, a Riesling. Still has the power to intoxicate you with thoughts of warm, endless sunny days wherever or whenever you encounter it.

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