Thursday, June 11, 2009

Verse: Master

(Posted in its original form in October 2007 on Facebook)

You who have disturbed
my long slumber
the comfort and contentment
of my complacency
to fill me with
an insatiable hunger
no nutrient could nourish
a thirst that no elixir
could ever slake

You have set me
once more
on a single-minded
solitary pursuit
to chase after shadows
and sparks of inspiration
in order to achieve
the perfect union
between thought and expression
and submit it to you
as would a pupil to a master
in the futile hope
that these feeble
overly familiar words
could capture and convey
my true intent
and thus be received
with all the warmth
of an impassioned embrace
not casual rejection

And each attempt
that pleases you only
results in temporary relief
until the anxiety takes hold
that this is an aberration
and cannot
will not
happen again

You who have
so inspired me

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