Friday, June 5, 2009

Verse - Mr. Baby Lady

Started out as a verse about the lady in my life, and morphed into an homage to Laura Nyro. Seems all I do is homages this week. The title is inspired by how she would juxtapose odd elements, like Captain Saint Lucifer

Mister Baby Lady
what did you do
made me tremble
with your bill and coo
you ol snake charmer, you

jazzin' and jivin'
constantly connivin'
you sing like a sparrow do
you make me blue
you devil you

Mr. Baby Lady
such sweet assignations
but you won't love me
without persuasions
never on your wavelength
I can't find your station

Oh don't make me
run to strangers
I am not one
to flirt with danger
I swear I'd be a wise man
if you would be my manger

Mr. Baby Lady
why do you persist?
coming up with more love
than I could possibly resist
I would be your alibi
if you'd only be my witness

You second-hand Sally
why do you dally
in my back alley
cat, you got my patience thin
curse me but I always let you in

You silver tongued schemer
you have such grace
I don't even notice
you take my place
I would be your body
if you would be my face

Mr. Baby Lady
you usurp the moon
and disappear all too soon
it's a familiar tune

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