Monday, June 8, 2009

A moment of zen from palm

"My life," the narrator of the new Palm Pre ad says, "is made up of so many other lives." And if you have the Palm Pre, apparently, you can manipulate those lives to constantly rearrange themselves in some kind of Asian interpretative dance for you as spiritual rock music plays. Lots of zen circles. Lots of lovely visuals, apparently by the innovative director Tarsem. But all for naught.

Here's the problem with the ad: it doesn't say or do anything any other ad hasn't done before. It may be visually superior, but it's still familiar. This device allows you to manipulate things. Okay, but so does a remote control. And if the creative isn't new, then what's so new about Pre? What makes it dramatically different? How does it change my life?

Truth is, it doesn't. It's another phone with a lot of features I may or may not use. The creative is handsome and impressive, but the content offers nothing relevant, engaging or essential, apart from pretty pictures. Like the narrator, it's talking to itself. A perfect, elite little circle that doesn't need you, never lets you in. Sure is pretty, though. Thanks for the moment of zen, Palm.

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