Monday, June 15, 2009

Verse: Listening

Dreamtime coming on
like a distant thunder
if I'm not careful
it will take me under
adrift in the dulcet
slipstream of wonder
I keep listening to you

Brown sugar and cinnamon
the freckles that
adorn your skin
I tried
to count them all
but I gave in
Instead, I keep listening to you

The night has caught
a chill
the wind is stirred
against its will
nestled in your
misty windowsill
I keep listening to you

Cradled in your
crescent moon smile
I only meant to
stay a while
prolonged farewells
are not my style
and I keep listening to you

In the effervescing
streets below
the teeming traffic
begins to slow
could be a portent
what do I know
I just keep listening to you

They call this
the magic hour
the light retreats in waves
like a waning shower
warm and dry
in this tenement tower
I keep listening to you

The lilac permeates
the air
I catch your reflection
you look so holy
in that chair
so I keep listening to you

Darkness close
as a surgeon's glove
the stars assume their
usual positions above
I could have sworn
that you said love
when I wasn't listening
to you

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