Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Verse: When I was the wind

For my lady, as always, but inspired by a remark on Twitter by @ATsLady

When I was the wind
I coveted you
I chased you often
and everywhere
cleared vagabond
newspaper adverts
from your path
and vowed that I would
sweep you off your feet
however cliche

When I was the wind
I followed you
close as a shadow
swirled deliriously
around you and
tousled your hair
and when you were adorned
in beads of sweat
I played it cool
tickled the
clouds until they
loosed the rain
to slake your thirst

When I was the wind
I spoke softly to you
like a whisper
in a kiss
in fits of passion
I rattled your windows
and raced to the rooftops
to shout your name
and returned
bringing the scent
of baby's breath
and lilacs
to perfume
your quiet room

When I was the wind
I was as constant
as a restless
nomadic could be
despite my best
my wanderlust
proved too much
for me to contain
and I was gone
like a memory
like a summer rain

From time to time
I pass you
on the street
but your eyes
do not meet mine
you would not
recognize me now
after all my travels
I am ragged, thin
and haunted by
the recollection
of those dulcet days when
you were my one true passion
and I was the wind

1 comment:

  1. In your words: The wind for a moment was my friend, a reminder of a love once shared that now whispers in my ear, "My love I am still here".
    Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful part of your heart and including me in it. There are no word for what I am feeling.

    Blessings to you and your lovely Lady:)