Thursday, June 18, 2009

Great advertisements

Apparently, this first viral commercial has been up for several months, but it didn't get onto my radar. It's an ad for Bud Light that knows what guys want - Beer and pr0n - and takes the worst-case scenario for embarrassment so far over the top, it flips around and goes over several more times. Enjoy it here.

The second, which I was hipped to by Adland on Twitter via brentter is this Japanese ad for Adidas by TBWA/London. It's a guy employed by a breakup service and how his work starts to affect him. What I really like are the messages he delivers through his service, how poetic they are.

I know I should say more about why I like them, but I think great creative speaks for itself. That and the fact that poorly executed items provide more fodder to write about sometimes...

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