Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Verse: Morning Glory

Originally posted on Facebook in Spring 2008:

In the bustle and jostle
of the weekend market
you stood transfixed
by a small, colorful
packet of seeds

Morning glory
you explained
is a vine
and each day
it brings
another bloom
a replacement
for the flower
that faded the day before

So I, intrigued
purchased that small
packet for you
at the time
missing the symbolism
rapt as I was
with the warmth
of your evergreen eyes
and gentle smile

You and I
we will plant
those seeds
in spring
watch them
as they emerge
from the tender soil
to reveal new-found glories
with remarkable
quotidian precision
every flower, a reminder
of how it all began
of the moment when
our love took root
but most of all
a reminder
to be mindful
to give thanks
for each new day
and the promise
it holds
and to never long for
the ones that came
and went

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