Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poem for today.

a splash of dust
peppers the street
where i do not go
no winter
will not take me
where i do not
know my face
let it be
another season
that binds me
to some unknown
i am not one
for cold
though it
gave birth
to me
it will not
take me
i will wait
it out
everything changes
but if
it should not budge
then i
will come calling
for you
i will call you spring

Poem from Tumblr posted Friday, December 10

(For @sweet_steffy)

tell me
is it your intent
to turn me
then turn
and everything
will tumble
look now
i’m ready
with my eyes
my mouth
and my arms open
and unguarded
and i
will remain open
to all possibility
but if you
turn away
if you
have nothing
to offer
then i am closed
a summer cottage
given over to winter
wondering who is it
that has my key

Poem from Tumblr posted Thursday, December 9

(for KristyV, edited slightly from the Tumblr version...)
is what loneliness
looks like
a room stripped
of all furniture
or a park bench
under fresh snow
it smells like attics
on rainy days
or worn hymnals
on mondays
and it sounds
like a loon
the still of night
with its plangent cry
when it cannot see
even its reflection
it tastes
like tannic acid
or food left out
too long
for someone
whose absence
requires explanation
and it feels heavy
like humidity
or the anxiety
of anyone
awaiting execution
at best
it is solitude
and its worst
is despair
all sharp teeth
and a thousand
fathoms deep
like a dream
of falling
it is everywhere
and nowhere
one red rose
in a vase
on the table
a cat
curled up
in the sun
exquisite longing
a constant companion
like your shadow
or a star
sailing by
when even
your wishes
forsake you
that is
what loneliness is

Poem from Tumblr posted Wednesday, December 8

let no day
know we are here
they tend
to tangle us
in distress
and disarm us
with conflicts
when we should
be moving
into the eager
and sweet eternal softness
of skin

Poem from Tumblr posted Thursday, December 7

i was made
of dreams
that often
stayed awake
at night
i was made
of promises
that were
more dear
than a caress
i was made
of distant trains
emerging as swiftly
from nothing
as they returned
I was made
of hammers
the constant tick
of time
i was made
of pools
of summer rain
staring intently
into the sky
i was made
of christmas
and snow swirling
like fireflies
over a frozen lake
i was made
of lamplight
that bathed
my room
in amber hues
i was made
of comic books
and super heroes
and wishes
for wings
i was made
of transistors
and top forty
every little hurt
became my own
but i
was unmade
the moment
my eyes
met yours

Poem from Tumblr posted Monday, December 6

what comes to us
is fragments
when our dreams
consort with their dreams
and die without us
without a word
but we do not
so much as want
or wound them
as we embrace them
too long
until they star
to resolve themselves
and they cannot stand
to be so ordinary
or remembered
because they are divine
when they are forgotten

Poem from Tumblr posted Sunday, December 5

when met
with those
who are
not given
to follow
you or
perhaps you
should suddenly
discover that
no path
becomes you
or perhaps
you see
no alternatives
then resolve
to make
your own
never following
or letting
any one
stand in
your way

Poem from Tumblr posted Saturday, December 4

i remove myself
from every thing
i can
from the traffic
the cul de sac
the convenience store
i remove myself
from the arcane
and the obscene
i remove myself
from the wild
and the weary
from the armies
and the arms
of others
from commitments
and kindness
and questng
and I remove myself
from the rest
of these words
until I achieve
the sanctuary
of solitude
one thing
all the while
i cannot
remove myself
from you

Poem from Tumblr posted Friday, December 1 called The Coming Atlantis

Go now
and submerge
in everything
you can
go down
and down
until you are
underneath it all
vast and uncertain
like a mackerel sky
before the snow comes
everything runs wild
and fast and fine
like mist
it sweeps everything
but wait
until no breath
animates your lungs
until you become
mythical, impossible
and free
and then
when you are certain
no one can see
or anticipate you
that is when
you rise.

Poem from Tumblr posted Thursday, December 2

your heart is what
and where am i
if not within it
your heart is when
and why am i
if not beside it
your heart is whom
and how am i
to tell you
that your breath
takes mine
far away
where i
do not know
my heart
without yours.

Poem from Tumblr posted Wednesday, December 1

a plane
like a whim
blue cars
near the driveway
the fridge
a nervous tune
the world
on us daily
and I
your silence anew.

Poem from Tumblr posted Tuesday, November 30

i am going
to leave
these words
here for you
to make of them
what you will
like love
stars, night, kiss
dreams and snow
just to see
what you will do
maybe you
will say
the eyes of the night
are as white as snow
or dreams
are a shower
of love
i don’t know
or maybe
you’ll leave
these words
as you found them
with no context
whatever you decide
please know this
they are my favorite words
in the whole world
let no harm
come to them
when you take them
as your own.

Poem from Tumblr posted Monday, November 29

your heart
is a truth
i keep
to myself
i cannot
recall where
i found it
but i sleep
with it
at night
when the moon
is too obvious
and every breath
is a confession
that betrays
my love
for you

Poem from Tumblr posted Sunday, November 28

whatever is
for us will languish
if we are not
each second
that we hesitate
is a moment
into your arms
or mine
it hardly matters
to embrace
or be embraced
is all
and anything less
is regret.