Thursday, June 4, 2009

Verse: Homage

This is based on something Please Call Me By My True Names, which Thich Nhat Hanh wrote. It contains a lot of things that have been on my mind for years, and reflects the Zen notion of connectivity. So, it is a homage to both Hanh and to the world in which I live, not to mention the practice of creativity.

Somewhere I have always been
is here, and yet not here
I am always
in transit and
never quite there
or anywhere
even when sitting still
I am something or other
not one, but one
among many
and yet all things
am I
and all things
in me
You may find me in
the 5,000 fingered fire
that tickles the lilac-perfumed air
or in the air that tingles at its touch
You might encounter me
in the restive, raging waters
Of the wide-mouthed sea
or in the ships that uneasily negotiate
Her endless ribbons of waves
You may discover me iin
the ray of light that alights on
The tiny perfect nest in that tree
or in the tender voices
of the sparsely feathered fledglings
Who crane their necks
to sing its praises
in the homeless man
clutching his coat
in vain
To ward off winter's piercing chill
I reside
as well as
the passers-by who ignore
His plight
even in these words
I am

and so I am
in all things
And all things
are in me
So tell me
what do you call me
when you call me
by my original name
the name I had
before the name you gave me.

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