Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Verse: done

Even as you celebrate a new life, you sometimes reflect upon the one you left behind...

Could it be
that we are done?
I think that
we've said all that
there is to say
enough to fill a dictionary
or the New York Times
cross words, puzzling
it’s troubling
what we’ve done
I try to make sense
lay out all the facts
the evidence
could fill a dossier
these misdemeanors
some protracted
some redacted
and some are true
all we might have done
is just a cigarette stubbed out
in an ashtray
there is nothing left to spark
I’ve asked myself
a thousand times or more
what could we have done?
we're habituated
like roommates
perfectly perfunctory
this what we’ve become
my god what have we done?

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