Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Verse: Will

I will sing
a rebel song
and I will
call it passion

And I will continue
to give it voice
even if it's not
in fashion

I will write
a manifesto
and I will
call it lust

and it will
shatter the complacent
and scatter them
like dust

I will whisper
a small prayer
and I will
call it hope

And I will send
it like a rallying cry
to those who cannot cope

I will state
a purpose
and I will
call it faith

And nothing
will move me from it
no law, no man, no wraith

And then I
will light a fire
and I will call it love

and it will cover
all the earth and
singe heaven above

1 comment:

  1. MrWordsWorth

    I like

    also, penultimate verse is the kind of love we should all have. I like the thought of old age and glowing embers too, in my imagination.