Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two Poems for November 4, 2009

I - Untitled (thanks to @therealamber + @blaineparker)

Go and tell
the ocean
it's tomorrow

I mean to mount
the empty sky

And if you
do not accept
my invitation

Just wave to me
as I go
sailing by

II - Insurrection (someone told me recently to write from the heart. This is about as close as I could get. The mind said little, except to rearrange an item or two as is its prerogative.)

Love is checking her
reflection in the mirror

Love is quickly slipping
on her shoes

Love is coming on
like an insurrection

Everybody's going
to hear the news

Love is always quiet
on Sunday mornings

Love is shivering
at the thought of snow

Loving is coming to give
you back your conscience

And all the love you
dreamed of long ago

Love is not content
with just a handshake

Love is not satisfied
with an embrace

Love will not be penciled
in for meetings

It is love that will dictate
the time and place

Love is going to beat
market projections

Love will take the mike
and have its say

Everybody's going
to get the message

Love is not the kind
who will delay

Love is not about
to take your orders

There are no operators
standing by

It will not negotiate
or bargain

Love is coming
and it will not be denied

Love is going to be
precise and sudden

Love is going to be
intense and true

You'd better get
your affairs in order

Love's coming now
and it's coming for you


  1. Mark,

    You hit the nail on the head.

    That is the power of Love.


  2. ..Well put.The heart wins.Powerfully paced.

  3. I really like the first one in this "new" arrangment.

    As for the second...I'm speechless.

    Its very beautiful, and true, and quite powerful. You've done excellent work here...

  4. BANG. Did it again.
    Your heart has very nice penmanship ;)