Sunday, November 1, 2009

Verse: Demeter

When first
I did meet you
I was not more
than a child

You harvested
my heart and
I found myself

It was sweet
it was short
and we were

You harvested
my will to love
before I knew
what it was for

When next you did
encounter me
I had promises
to keep

But you harvested
my eyes and I
lost the life I knew
to sleep

The desire
seeded in me
at first seemed
no more than caprice

but you harvested
my fingerprints
and so I called
the police

I made a full
I told them of
your schemes

that you harvested
my eyes and now
you know all
my dreams

I returned
to confront you
I was sure I would

But you harvested
my ardor
and my resolve
began to fail

You who did
embrace me
you who told me
to believe

You harvested
my frantic sighs
and I was

You who do
entice me
you to whom
I'm tender prey

You harvested
this verse from me
what more is there
to say?

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