Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Verse: Bed

Called from our sleep
in these early hours

By the chimes
that are sounding out
from the bell towers

Look at those clouds
they seem pregnant
with showers

Come back to the bed
where our kisses are

Go tell the streets
that I won't be appearing

It's these sweet
reveries that hold me
in their sway

the wind is raging
it's an omen
for us to stay

Come back to the bed
where desire
sees fit to play

Noon is approaching
how quickly
she came

And your goodbyes
are tinged with
regret and shame

This scenario
always plays out
the same

Come back to the bed
where desire
will not be tamed

The world outside
is restless
and rough

Why are you
so concerned
with such temporal stuff

That my every advance
should be met with rebuff

Come back to the bed
where dreams are enough

The bells in the
steeples continue
to chime

The clock on
the wall is
swallowing time

Nestled in these
sheets your skin
is soft and sublime

Come back to the bed
and our private

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