Friday, November 13, 2009

Verse: Shadows

No one has seen you
in the arms of the night
where you sleep
in a basket of snow

And yet they need you
and humbly beseech you
and the shadows that you throw

you know those who are sacred
are very discrete
they conquer with no force at all

you were brave, you were bold
your revolution took hold
in movements both elegant
and small

I must confess
that I was impressed
with how you reinvented yourself

You improvised
with a brilliant disguise
that you found on some
dust-covered shelf

And when the night whispered
you heeded its call
just look how your legend has grown

all the gifts that they gave
you know they just crave
the shadows you have overthrown

I've heard that you sleep
with your back to the street
so no one can see what
you dream

They pace through your life
like a restless housewife
but they don't really know
what you mean

But the night is possessive
it will not be denied
see all that it has erased

but for this verse
which I wrote, unrehearsed
and the shadows
we have embraced

What more can I say
I've exhausted the day
of all its restraint
and remorse

I know what you've heard
but I give you my word
I'm no expert, I'm just
the source

The eyes of the night
are holy and bright
and they are my cue
to go

And if by some chance
we do not meet again
at least we still
have our shadows.