Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Verse: Chill

Take me out of this province
I prefer a warmer clime
You would not think ill of me
If you knew me in my prime

You know I won't submit to mirrors
because they always lie
You may think that's my reflection
but I have an alibi

Take me out of this city
It is rife with scorn
for all the things I might have been
still waiting to be born

Why are those streets contented
to surrender to the snow
I have not seen my heart in weeks
if you find it, let me know

Take me out of this longing
it only weighs me down
you can buy that kind of action
Most anywhere in town

Did you know I was a poet
before you took me at my word
now all I have to offer you
are stories I've overheard

Take me out of this winter
before I succumb to frost
No spring could ever thaw me
You can't save what is lost

I never talk to strangers
I avoid their inquiries
and I'm never seen out after dark
how is it you found me?

So take me out of this window
Night is drawing near
If it slips into this room
Then I might disappear

You didn't know this when you met me
But one thing is for sure
I'll take whatever love's left in you
I am a saboteur


  1. Bring it on.Are you coming to England or do I have to travel to Canada?

  2. Hey, not bad - I can almost hear a tune that belongs with that one. Dare I say Cohen-esque?

  3. Not that one, Brewnoser, but you would be right if you applied that comment to one or two others...