Sunday, October 11, 2009

Verse: untitled verses for Thanksgiving

NB: sometimes, when someone talks, you sit and listen, and it takes shape...

You know
I don't think much
of Florida
and California seems
like a dream
I once had

But there was
this one time
in Arizona
the air was so cold
at night that
we had to pile on
the blankets

So cold
the lady whose name
I can't remember
cried like a child
for warmth

Not like the time
we were in Vancouver
so many of us
that Steven went to
the church for chairs
and we ate Thanksgiving dinner

That day
was so warm
but today
is cold
the wind is
too impatient
the frost is setting in
and there’s so much
to do in the garden
before winter
but I don't know
if I can

The joy is knowing
that spring will come
even if
I am not ready
and it will be
like Christmas


When this is done
when am unburdened
of these long
obtrusive words

I will attain
the one thing
I want
more than anything

The most seductive
thing in the world
to me


At least until
the fear
takes hold
that it will be

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