Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Verse: Shout

NB: I tend to err on the side of the intellectual. Someone told me to write from the heart and so I did. The mind only interceded to perform the nuptials between two pillars of expression. How well suited they were for each other.

it comes

Hear this
and mark
my words

I will not retreat
or retract

I will not pule
or prevaricate

Even if
I cannot bend
those indifferent stars

Even if
I cannot puncture
those pendulous clouds

Even if
I cannot sway
your intransigent heart

Even if
you don't hear me
I will not submit
to censorious silence

I will be

And whatever
comes next
A warning
A love song
or a regret

You can listen,
or you can howl

but this
is my stage

I will
have my say

1 comment:

  1. Right at the point where you get to "or you can howl"... that's the heart of the poem. Gave me shivers, felt like a rawness breaking through. :-)