Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Verse: two untitled items for October 14, 2009

Two brief poems this evening...

When you leave
do you smile?

Do you acknowledge
your sullen reflection
or make the bed?

Do you surrender
your passport
or bribe
your inquisitive

Do you wash your face
in the kitchen sink
floss your teeth
with barbed wire?

Do you genuflect
prostrate yourself
in supplication
or do you shake
your enfeebled fist?

Do you leave
a ransom note
that denies culpability
or do you make
a full confession?

No one ever tells you
how to say
you have to

The doctors
can't tell you
anything you don't
already know

the texts you consult
won't diagnose
the troubles
you got

your teachers
cannot hear you
you do not
no tongue
in your lungs

you expand
you move the feast
one table
one chair
at a time
a caravan

your pale skin
simmers in
the cavillous sunlight
the change of
the season
is like the changing
of the guard
it's just
a formality
it's dispassionate
it's simple
and it's precise

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