Sunday, October 4, 2009

Verse: Conversations of everything and nothing

And we could see
the moon

it was drifting
into the night

over the rooftops
like a lost balloon

You said
about the stars

how they fall
into place

like creature of habit
like an old platoon

I said I thought
the night air
was infected
with frost

it curled
my breath
like wisps
of cigarette smoke

and your hair
seemed to quiver
like the strings
of a mandolin
with each brush stroke

I know
it wasn't much
but it was

a modest offering
or a vow

my every word
in the ever present

We talked
for discreet hours

until we
woke the dawn

turned words
inside out
and on themselves
until all meaning
was gone

but I would have
set aside those words

defied gravity
even illuminated
austere skies

if only to
have rooted myself

in your incandescent

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