Sunday, October 18, 2009

Verse: Dream Letter

Inspired by Tim Buckley and an evening taking in Nocturne. In a way, it was a long time coming. I have a feeling there are more in this vein...

Dear L,

You were right
about many things
it seems

Summer siphoned
me of sleep and now
it's autumn everywhere
at least in this hemisphere
the seasons are relentless

The leaves
like light

I want to go away
it is stasis
that I fear the most
it's rust
it's death
and it's dust
it creeps up on you
when you close
your eyes

Trying to evade
myself, my thoughts
the newspapers
are obscene
their unflinching exhortations
line my cage
like snow

Imagined the world
without us
I drew a map of it and
it looked like a broken heart
I colored it green
like your eyes

But today
I long for home
for you
it's more dear
more pressing
when you're not there

I could cut my hair
dye my roots
but I cannot change
where I'm from
instead, I'll continue
see how it ends
and write you

I wrote this
one thousand times
and each time
I wrote I love you
a reminder
when we are awake
to tell you


  1. The part about fearing stasis... love it. The hard, vibrant images: rust, dust, death. Very evocative.

  2. The ps is heartwarming in its intent

    Then and inspiring passage Imagined the World is, in its depth.

    Glad I found your blog