Friday, July 30, 2010

Verse: exhausted bliss

(today's poem draws on suggestions from @seaempire & @tsaphanbabe)

who are you
when no one
is watching

do you alter
your course
or are you constant

i would not change
those who would not
change themselves

they tend
to resent
such intrusions

yet i change
when you
are not here

i am silent
restive and plagued
with doubt

and i
blame you
for that

because you
are not here
to hear it

tells me
to be patient

even as it
murders each moment

but i
make a resolution

that next time
when you are here
i will be more attentive

i will catch
exhausted bliss falling
from your lips

and sew it
into a song
for you

and i
will walk
in your shadow

singing it
when i am
a memory

singing it
when i am


  1. Came here to say "beautiful," and that this one really hit my heart. I read it in rss which didn't show the suggestions comment. Cool.