Friday, July 9, 2010

Verse: Epistle to Her

(so... @imreddy4u asked me to do a poem. As always, I asked for a starter - a word, theme or phrase to work into it. She sent several phrases that are constants in art, particularly love songs. But the fact they are constants does not in any way diminish their power. Or their veracity. So, I worked on it, incorporating some notes I had jotted down from a book on Tao. And then I focused on my muse... m'lady. So, while it is still @imreddy4u's poem, m'lady's spirit is in here. I hope this Epistle is more elegant than didactic. It was probably best that I left out @imreddy4u's musings about why kittens & puppies are cute, but not baby rats...)

how can i
live without you

you may as well
take the music

of the universe
with you when you go

and all the stars
i pin my hopes on

would be just distant
anonymous lights

i would cease
to wonder

how deep
the ocean

how high
the sky

without you
in my life

your love
returned me to love

that expresses itself
to you

in this moment
and every one after

and if i
should lose my form

i remain
calm knowing

you are
my center.


  1. Amazing how a few simple words "you are / my center" are so powerful. Wow. Do you know what I mean? Surely the words have been put together before, but they seem like no one's ever said it, ever. It's just you about y'lady. (Ha! "Y'lady.")

  2. This is quite lovely, Mark.

    Will you consider another request for a poem? For two amazing women {@jdistraction and @bsain} who leap into the unknown with the faith that a net will appear should they need it. They are brave, strong, yet graceful, and an inspiration to those of us who need encouragement to leap.

    Thank you. Dani @ddh77