Sunday, July 11, 2010

verse: night shift

(Today's poem is by request for @eyeseeyouarein. I asked her for a word, theme or phrase. She gave me several words. And this is the result. Musically, I was inspired by Scott Walker, and Night Time, an Alex Chilton song, in case you want to set the mood.)

at night
silences are
temporary, uneasy
truces broken
by cries

here among
the dead
the dying
and those
who plead
for mercy

the steady
slow drip
that anesthetizes
the pain
that touch
alone could
never dispel

here where
machines breathe
and pulse
writing lines
that spike
then plunge
and level
stretching out
long past
life itself

here where
no thing
is assured
and all
are vulnerable
i am
ever vigilant

a bride
in white
i give
my hand
to everyone
and anyone
in sickness
and health
as long
as i
shall live

that is
my vow.


  1. I love it! Beautiful! *kisses* @eyeseeyouarein

  2. Very dad died in Hospice this time last year. I definitely felt this poem deeply...

  3. Excellent! @Lavender_lady