Monday, July 26, 2010

Verse: Bird's song

(for @bird42)

this is
a letter
to sleep

a memoir
late nights

when 3 a.m.
was just
a taxi home

or one more
bottle of wine
before bed

and you
deep and filled
with dreams

would penetrate
all of my
struggling senses

with me
well past dawn

those sweet
nights and
generous mornings gone

it was
not you
who left

i gave
you to
my babies

and 3 a.m.
became a time
of negotiation

a time
to navigate
an uneasy truce

between you
and them
each night

they learned
to trust you

in that stark
dark crucible
a bond was formed

now i marvel
at how they
sleep deep

yet they
never submit
for long

i think
they grow
tired of you

so soon
3 a.m. will be watch
and wait

to make sure
they get home

but if
you ever pass
by here

and you see
the light
is on

come in
i will pour
the wine

and we
can catch up
or reminisce

about the nights
when i wrapped myself
in your coat

and slept
in your arms
until noon.


  1. it is just lovely. I know I tweeted that, but it is worth saying again. At least once.

  2. I love this - it pains me, and it hurts me: it brings back memories of a time that will never be again and confronts a time I wish wasn't... but I love it