Monday, July 5, 2010

Verse: Tammy's Song

i was born
a child
of snow

and i went
as far west
as you can go

sought out
the sun to tattoo
my skin

so winter
could not
find me again

the snow
in my veins
became sand and sea

warm rains that
dissipate in an instant
baptized me

from the peak
of Pu Ľu Kukui
to the shores of La Perouse

home is not
where you come from
but the place you choose

will make this pilgrimage
and they will not stay

they merely hear
the trade winds
but i am in their sway.


  1. Bestest early birthday present EVER! I'm printing and framing it. Mahalo for your kokua, Mark!

  2. I'm still smitten. Smitten as a kitten