Sunday, April 11, 2010

Verse: m'lady

As some
unseen hand
collected up
corpse dreams
in the early morning

it occured to me
to reach in
to the basket
of hours
by the bed
and retrieve this
for you

I know
I won't get it right
I make your eyes
too green
your lips
too full
and your hair
electric amber
whatever that means

so let me
tell the story
once more

the snowy morning
when I thought
you wouldn't be there

then the weekend market
when you bought
the morning glory seeds

the cold windy walk
to Morris for a magazine
and then the kiss
spontaneous and sweet

I know
it's a bit pat
but I don't think
there's anything
I missed
you have to leave something
to the imagination

for unseen hands
to take away.

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