Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Verse: Croci Sonnet

For @SelenaGovier, who told me not only to keep writing poems, but to do a sonnet. I hope I did this right. I don't need to know if I didn't...

I see the croci raise their pastel heads
Reaching out to embrace the morning sun
How early to be stirred from their soft beds
When spring itself has only just begun
They spread their lips to drink in the cool air
Swaying in time with the inclement wind
Who notices their dance so sweet and fair
And does not smile can only be thick-skinned
Even more than lilac and its bold scent
More, too, than a vast field of verdant green
Croci hold the promise and the portent
That summer’s face will once again be seen
How strange to experience such delight
Inspired by such a familiar sight


  1. That was really beautiful I loved it. I've really enjoyed reading your poems they are always so beautiful. Don't stop doing what your doing!

  2. 一定要保持最佳狀況呦,祝您開心 ........................................