Saturday, April 10, 2010

Verse: Halifax

(midwifed by @krissynyy and @aiden_howarth)

Huddled together
in the thick, damp fog
like kids
under a beach towel
trying to keep warm

beige, brick
and elegant
aisles of
Victorian facades
in a misty, grey town
tailor made
for film noir

they seem disdainful
of the elipitcal
language of automobiles
their bebop bleats
and coughing

not to mention
the endless parade
of pedestrians
the sweet sway
of young ladies
pouring out from
the pubs

they have fixed
their unblinking eyes
on me
standing at Duke
and Barrington
with a camera
in a phone
in my hand

startled at
the novelty
of technology
or the attention
those cool blue eyes
soften for a moment
as if to say
be kind
be sure to get
our good side.

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