Monday, April 26, 2010

Verse: Firsts

What follows began with a request yesterday from talented poet, @aiden_howarth.

He contacted me for words to use in a poem he was working on and is soon to unveil.

Me, being a rather playful cat, sent him, in turn, a snippet of verse I was going to work on today. I won't put it here. It'd ruin the magic.

So, Aiden, as is his wont, took my fragment and the result was this poem:

The clouds will never remember, the mountains upon which they met
a universe to choose from but the world they did forget
as nightfall takes this vision of which beauty hast been viewed
I'll allways keep with me, the moment i met you...

Cool isn't it? Though Aiden said I should do as I wish with it, I left it alone. You don't tamper with someone's artistic vision. Not when it is so perfect in and of itself, right? And thus, my first collaborative poem. Done.

I then had a choice. Do I just post that? Do I stay with the fragment? Or do I take the fragment I had and do something with it? I chose door #3. And this is what I came up with, inspired by what he did with my fragment. Is for m'lady. She knows why.

The clouds
do not remember when
they first encountered
the mountains

the wind
does not recall
the first time it ran barefoot
through fallow fields

the moon
has no recollection
of first seeing its pale reflection
in the ocean

nor do the trees
ever talk about
the first time
they tasted summer rain

but I
remember well
the first time
I saw you

that day
the world
became flesh.

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  1. Beautiful work, incredible verse and almost breathtaking to picture the view you describe. Awesome work Mark!