Friday, July 3, 2009

Verse: What I want

Unlimited inspiration
that flows fast
like a waterfall
just one word
one phrase
that someone
somewhere will recall

To travel the world
unfettered seeing all
the storied places
I have never been
Paris, Rome, London
the Louvre and the Sistine

Cool evenings in summer
and a real and vibrant spring
winters that are gentle
to the touch
and autumns colorful
and conquering

Mellow candles
that persist
even when the night
begins to yawn
the plainsong of
the chickadees
to ring in the dawn

An evening on the town
that is rich
in bold discovery
A morning in
a small cafe
where the air is
is thick with coffee

Something to believe in
that never raises
cause to doubt
the light that resides
in your emerald eyes
to never peter out

Moments for reflection
love that binds us
to the core
memories between us
and the promise
of many more

1 comment:

  1. You really are a magician with the pen :)