Monday, July 6, 2009

Verse: Picnic

The sun
was making
its excuses
as we climbed
the stairs
to the roof

We could see
the angular
elastic bodies
of bronzed boys
bathed in sweat
playing basketball
across the street
in the schoolyard
invincible, almost eternal
in the waning light

the sky
an icy ocean
suddenly illuminated
by thousands of
impatient stars
we skimmed stones
across its surface
until our trembling
distorted reflections
resembled carnival

We picked moonfruit
and sat upon
a nearby cloud
to enjoy our modest meal
you dared me
to eat a star
so cold
it tore
the roof
of my mouth

your head
in my lap
I spoke
in unrehearsed
verse for a while
and you said
'If you were
to disappear
leave me just
one tenderness
a smile
a whisper
a kiss
I'll wear it
like a ring
it's just
an impulse thing.'

And we sat
very quiet
very still
for a very
long time
waiting only
for sleep
to come and
to hold us
in his fragrant embrace

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