Tuesday, July 21, 2009

verse: Conspiracy

cool blue
and silent
The morning
happens by
taps at our window
and awaits
our reply

mason jars upon
the sill
now filled with
the dust of light
And the wind
scatters snow-white wisps
of clouds like paper kites

heaving and honking
the morning accelerates
we leave our bed
and set out our plates

hatching newspaper vendors
racing to take the stands
time doubles up around us
as tight as elastic bands

breathless and bustling
the morning soldiers on
greedily scoops up the
dew drops strewn about
our lawn

the light creeps up
our kitchen wall
like a pillar of fire
fortified by scrambled eggs
we start to conspire

impetuous and impatient
the morning leaves us behind
Coaxes and cajoles us
yet we pay it no mind

with all that we have
here and now
why think of what's ahead?
Let's finish our breakfast
clear our plates
and then go back to bed.

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