Thursday, July 16, 2009

Song of the Day - July 16, 2009

I first became aware of Dirty Projectors with Rise Above, the clever reimagining/recollection/homage to the Black Flag album of the same name. Founded/led by Dave Longstreth, the collective had released a couple of albums prior to that, but Rise Against's conceit was inspired enough that it managed to garner significant media coverage. Given that I own the Black Flag LP, I was intrigued, purchased it and consider the band one to keep tabs on.

Earlier this year, following a lineup change, Longstreth and co. released Bitte Ocra, a dazzling collection of dizzy, disjointed pop music. One of the highlights, strangely enough, was the only track that Longstreth did not write solo, Stillness is the Move. His co-writer, Amber Coffman pairs her voice with new member Angel Deradoorian and Longstreth underpins it their charming, childlike harmonies with a hypnotic riff over a stuttery, funky bedrock.

The result is an ode to resilience, to possibility, to hope. "There is nothing we can't do," Amber and Angel coo. And as the hook burrows its way deep into your mind, you believe every word they say.

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