Monday, February 15, 2010

Verse: Dream Letter #2

I begin
on a blank page
of indifference

trying to talk myself
out of waking up
so I don't lose it

get it down before
the outside goes out
goes on

I carry the impossible
the weight of words
as heavy as the minor keys

watch how
it all unfolds
like a disaster

it cannot be helped
some dreams I make
and some I merely borrow

my punishment
is always to wait
for them to arrive

I know you think
this is just
some reverie

look close
and you will see
only my arms are sleeping

my eyes
are wide open
and embracing all

and I am crouched like a cloud
in a forest, crying
for its mother sky

I ask only
that you put your heart
in mine

you'll see
it will fit
it will be fine

only don't finish
the sentence
just yet

pull back the curtains
and the day will be
articulated by the sun

if we are lucky
we will leave no trace
when we are gone

and when we awake
we will be
in love

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