Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Verse: a letter to my former self

(NB: @Miss_Sarah_S asked me a question on Formspring. This is the accidental result...)

These are
a few things
I have learned

Love is not an abstraction
the distance between
being an insider
and outsider
is not so great

there is
a place
where you will
fit in

begins with you
but true joy
is shared

the dark
isn't so dark
there are city lights
even stars
and someone
will hear you
if you call

live this life
not as long
as you can
but as well
as you can

fear not
the embrace
of the new
the as yet

and never lose
your sense
of wonder

to trust
be what
you want to be
you don't have
to be
so hard
or elusive

be present
and genuine
and in the moment
don't borrow trouble
it stays with you
constant as
a shadow

when you want
to shout
when you want
to retreat
when you want
to dash it all

most of all
Don't stop writing
don't stop living
until time
takes you out.

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