Friday, January 1, 2010

Verse: Communique

thanks to @jcubed1 & @flytetipping for serving as the muses for this...

Inspired by and
caught between
the chit
and the chatter

I am
ever looking
for the heart
of the matter

more ways
to say
but often less
to be said

on and on
and empty still
the noise
fills me with dread

How do I
contribute when
The only
language I know
is love

this vast
inexplicable vocabulary
I cannot free
myself of

it's struggling
to be heard
above the constant din

I never really
know where
I am meant to begin

all the little
lovelorn verses
that I, alone, devise

each one
is cautiously cut down
to italicize

and that love
is here for you
amid the noise
each moment
is christening

I've said all
I can say
and now
I am just listening

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