Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Verse: Exercise

(Inspired by @darladavidson)

Every day
I run
to nothing
to no one
as fast as
I can

and no one
to pass
or pass me by
I run
in place

no wind
to resist
or force
me forward

no rain
but for
the sour sweat
that streams
down my cheeks
and into
my slack mouth

and all for
a series
of statistics
displayed digitally
in minutes
and distance
though I never see
beyond the wall
in front of me

telling myself
it's not too long
or too hard

and knowing
as fast
as I am
I'm never
fast enough

as strong
as I am
I'm never
strong enough

and yet
each day
I'm on deck ready
to run at nothing

it's not a calling
it's a discipline

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