Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Verse: Minaret

(inspired by and dedicated to @c_a_theriault. May you always heed the call...)

This is
the season of
the clementine

This most perfect
is currently
making the scene
in Rabat

Yet here I am
in Istanbul
eating haydari
and plump grape leaves
at Ikea for lunch

they are the best
I've had
in ten months
even if it isn't
the mellow tang
of a grilled cheese
sweetened with tomato
that I used to eat
in Montreal

how like a dream
it seems now
here, in Turkey
I take pictures
I write stories
and pay the bills
teaching English

No fixed address
just a passport
and the insatiable
wanderlust of
my vagabond heart
I ask the wind
for my next destination

The only reply
is the man
in the minaret
who wants me to know
God is great
and heaven is surely

Even so
I have my doubts
I'll take joy
where I can
by traveling
this perishable world


  1. Dare I say I love it? I do dare! *I love it*

  2. Unqualified to legitimately critique poetry,but will say that I like this. Places and things "ground" this one(for me)...not as ephemeral as emotions of love & pain (which are both profound & yet simple). I personally believe we are at our best when we are storytellers... again, forgive me.