Monday, December 14, 2009

Verse: Ghostwriter

For @russ_tomato, who requested I write about my work.

I write
in the morning
just after breakfast
when I am refreshed

and I write
all through
the enervated
August afternoons

and I write
adverts and
articles about
employee engagement

and I write
promises for
people that I hope
they will keep

and I write
and I rewrite
until I get
it just right

and I write
to keep the furnace
filled with oil
in winter

and I write
to attract
to intrigue
and to sway

and I write
to share
an experience
a legend

and I write
even when
I have no

and I write
even though
someone else
gets the credit

and I write
without anyone
at all

and I write this
because someone
suggested I do so

and I write
and I write
and I write


  1. This is my life to an extent. Only add the lines:

    I write
    while I wait,
    I write,
    through the insecurities,
    and still I write.

    I think we write because honestly, it's what we know, what we breath and how the end tolls. (Hugs)Indigo