Friday, August 7, 2009

Verse: Freeze

as we called it
was the best
because it had
zesty cheese Taquitos
and every variety
you could imagine
of Hostess potato chips
just twenty-five cents
and my silent vow
to try each
and every one
was only broken
the summer that
they introduced
their infamous
fruit flavors

Not forgetting
the canteen
on Fraser Road
where you could
indulge in
trade Love Hearts
and flip Bottle Caps
and Fizz
on the way home
from school

But the best
treats to be found
were either
the fudge
my nan made
only when the weather
was right
or the plump, wet
slices of watermelon
and the rainbow
of Mr. Freeze flavors
mom would offer us
in summer
after lunch
when even the trees
seemed to weep for
just one cool, sweet bite

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