Monday, August 3, 2009

Verse: Everything That Touches You

NB: The title was borrowed from an Association song; and three words from @cr8tiveCandy on Twitter:

that touches you

the prosaic hues
of a warm evening
breeze kissing
your cheek
in summer

the quick, vulgar
blemishes of
a bitter rain
in late winter

the blossoms
that strain
to run their
eager fingers
through your
honeysuckle hair
in glorious spring

the bored
desiccated leaves
that crumble
like corn flakes
under your feet
in autumn

the songs
you sing
like anthems
when you think
no one is listening

the familiar
scent of lavender
in the weekend market
and even
the sweet warmth
of fresh cherries
on your breath
first thing
in the morning

they are temporary
fleeting disdains
and delights
that do not know
your limitless desires
your quiet resolve
your beautiful name

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