Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MrWW's Sesame Street Song Challenge.

Sesame Street Song Challenge - Adjunct.

I started a Sesame Street Song Challenge on Tumblr.

I am continuing it here.

I didn't do a post on January 1 or 2 so I have to catch up.

This is part of that effort.

The song I have chosen to catch up is The Ladybugs' Picnic.

Like the 10 Turtles on the Telephone, this is kind of a country/jug band groove.

It tells a rather detailed story in under a minute.

A more compelling story than that which James Cameron would have taken three hours to do.

12 Ladybugs have a picnic.

And they have sack races.

And jump rope.

And they tell jokes.

And it all goes swimmingly.

Until the marshmallow roast.

When they discover that, dollar for dollar, no one protects you quite like Allstate.


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