Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Poem for January 4, 2012

i could not forget you

anymore than i could forget

the grammar and syntax it takes

to tell you i could not forget you

even now i am distracted

by thoughts of little things

that comprise you

that you would think mundane

like the way only certain hats

seem to compliment your eyes

or how you curl into yourself

at night on the couch

your nimble fingers transforming

a single thread into a pattern for life

i could not forget you

even if i were to lose you

which is not to suggest i could

or that you would leave

if that would be your will

i could not forget you

in the way that you could not forget

how to breathe or even

the beat of your own heart

even as i gather more things

to remember about you

they are never enough

that i could not add more

or confuse one with the other

whatever the days make take from me

they do not take you

even as they take other things

and change you slowly

you become more and near

until i forget the time without you

as if you have been here every day.

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