Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poem from Tumblr posted Thursday, December 9

(for KristyV, edited slightly from the Tumblr version...)
is what loneliness
looks like
a room stripped
of all furniture
or a park bench
under fresh snow
it smells like attics
on rainy days
or worn hymnals
on mondays
and it sounds
like a loon
the still of night
with its plangent cry
when it cannot see
even its reflection
it tastes
like tannic acid
or food left out
too long
for someone
whose absence
requires explanation
and it feels heavy
like humidity
or the anxiety
of anyone
awaiting execution
at best
it is solitude
and its worst
is despair
all sharp teeth
and a thousand
fathoms deep
like a dream
of falling
it is everywhere
and nowhere
one red rose
in a vase
on the table
a cat
curled up
in the sun
exquisite longing
a constant companion
like your shadow
or a star
sailing by
when even
your wishes
forsake you
that is
what loneliness is

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