Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poem from Tumblr posted Thursday, December 7

i was made
of dreams
that often
stayed awake
at night
i was made
of promises
that were
more dear
than a caress
i was made
of distant trains
emerging as swiftly
from nothing
as they returned
I was made
of hammers
the constant tick
of time
i was made
of pools
of summer rain
staring intently
into the sky
i was made
of christmas
and snow swirling
like fireflies
over a frozen lake
i was made
of lamplight
that bathed
my room
in amber hues
i was made
of comic books
and super heroes
and wishes
for wings
i was made
of transistors
and top forty
every little hurt
became my own
but i
was unmade
the moment
my eyes
met yours

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