Saturday, September 18, 2010

Verse: Lucyspet's Reverie.

(Happy early birthday present @lucyspet. I hope this is okay...)

it is

so warm

the sand

seeks shade

between my toes

funny how

the sun

bleaches everything

but my skin

turns brown

i find

a space

for me

and unfurl

my shadow

the waves

foaming and frenzied

like lovers

they reach for

the shore

and retreat

just as quickly

as if

they touched

too soon

i am looking

at the sky

the calmest sea

i know

not a ripple

but for

a distant band

of cloud

crouched and curious

on the horizon

yet not approaching

it looks

like Culebra

la isla chiquita

the last virgin

and Flamenco

where the sand

is as soft and white

as new-fallen snow

even the relics

seem natural

acclimated and quiet

like they forgot

what they were

much like anyone


i forget myself

here is home

but it's not home

i live there

and in summer

and on a strand

of sand for

as long as i can

i make a space

for me

and my shadow

and though

this bottle

of beer

is sweating

the air

has the scent

of autumn

i sigh

summer is

in retreat

like the cloud

and Culebra

and the waves

i leave

a space

for someone

and go

where i make

a home

at night

in bed

the sheets

fall over my skin

like waves

i feel

tides inside me

rocking me to sleep

and i encounter

summer anew

my true home

is never

so far away

my Culebra

my isla chiquita

my summer

my ocean.

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